Asked by Lj , 77469 • Sun Jul 15, 2012 I was surprised when my loan officer asked me at the last minute to provide additional statements that show my closing cost money has been sitting in my savings account for the past month. As far as I was told, i was expected to bring a cashiers check or wire the money in by my closing date, aug 3 2012. I dont have all the closing cost money until my pay gets auto deposited on 8/3/12. I chose that date to close because it was a payday.I sent in everything else they asked on friday and the loan officer just said she would let me know if there was anything else they needed.Cant I just bring my cashiers check to closing, or is it typical they want to see proof of the funds before closing?. Tell your loan officer how you plan to come up with the funds. It may be all they need to hear. If for some reason they won't submit for final approval until you can show proof of funds, move the closing back by the amount of time the loan officer needs (likely only a 3 days) and then you will have the funds in your account to show the bank. The first thing you need to do is communicate with your Realtor and then your loan officer. I spoke to them today and this is exactly what they said. Worst case, they would move closing date. I think everything will be OK from here now that I understand everything. Thanks!. If you are that close on funds you might want to think seriously about home ownership. Yes, you will need to have funds to close prior to close. Sometimes you might need to have have "seasoned funds" which are funds that have been in your account for sometime. Hope you can make it happen. You might let the loan officer know that you are planning to have it on that day. Maybe the loan officer can get proof from your employer that you will have that money. I would what do i need to refinance my auto loan suggest that you talk to them and explain the situation. The loan officer might be able to assist you with what they need. The biggest thing is to communicate with them. Yes, this is common at the final stages of the underwriting process to have a request like this to come in. The underwriter could have several reasons for asking for this. The underwriter needs to confirm that you have the ability to perform on the contract on your own, without assistance. They are required to make sure the funds are seasoned. Which really means clean and/or yours and not a gift. You are getting a loan and the lender is asking for you to provide evidence you have the funds not only for your down payment, but your closing costs and generally 2 months piti ( total payment including taxes and insurance). The lender should have been clear up front on how much you would need to verify in order to receive a full loan approval. It sounds like you had planned out your funds to close, but may not have had a complete "counseling session" with your lender.another reason it is a good thing to work with a Realtor who can provide you with a "team" who work together for the mutual benefit of all involved. I really wish they would have told me. My realtor did not tell me and the loan officer did not tell me. I specifically told the realtor August 3rd was a pay day and I was relying on my paycheck to come in to have enough for closing. They made it seem like as long as it was certified funds, we were fine. I wish I.could have known sooner, I would have had a later closing date.Also I have been out on medical leave from work so I dont have it in savings. The medical leave for the past two paychecks were not paid. I am back at work full time now and I explained to the loan officer my situation. I will follow up tommorow with them and I hope this gets worked out. Do the lawn sprinklers on the home being bought have to be in working order for an FHA appraisal? 13 answers. I am trying to purchase a home in Buckeye, Az in the Sundance community because it seems to be the more house 7 answers. I am trying to purchase a home in Buckeye, Az in the Sundance community because it seems to be the more house 7 answers. San Francisco real estate  |  New York real estate  |  Los Angeles real estate  |  Orlando real estate  |  Miami real estate  |  Philadelphia real estate  |  Phoenix real estate  |  San Diego real estate  |  San Jose real estate  |  Chicago real estate  |  Arizona real estate  |  California real estate  |  Florida real estate  |  Illinois real estate  |  Massachusetts real estate  |  New Jersey real estate  |  Pennsylvania real estate  |  Texas real estate  |  Other local real estate  |  California apartments  |  New York apartments  |  Texas apartments  |  Apartments for rent  |  Home price maps  |  Real estate community  |  U.S. Property records  |  Mortgage site map.