Photos: The struggle of becoming an Italian Cupid

Local golf coach Federico Alba made a name for himself not by winning major championships, but by being able to master the ancient art of card-throwing. A Sicilian born and raised, Federico Alba was known as much for his card-throwing skills and his entertaining, hyperbolic commentary as for his string of professional tour wins. So when his wife, Michele, decided to explore the city of Syracuse, Federico packed a pack of cards and a history book. He’s been back three times since to see his hometown, which included a trip to the tomb of Syracuse’s famed architect-saints. The Syracuse metro area, according to historical records, has existed since 987 B.C. However, the town’s participation in the ancient Roman empire begins no earlier than 531 A.D. Our own story reporting detailed a very recent history, dating from the landing of the first Italian settlers to the 1940s. We spent a little time looking into the past and found out what the Albas did with their time after Federico’s retirement from golf. Lorenzo manages the building, is busy looking after the construction site, studying Civil War history and helping in the garden.

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