5 things you need to know for Tuesday

1. The Hearse Rejoices. Bayern Munich forward Alphonso Davies is one of the most exciting soccer prospects the game has seen in some time. In a world where players pick up invites to all kinds of teams in order to earn big bucks, Davies is some kind of phenomenon. He continues to have an impact after being summoned to an MLS game for the Vancouver Whitecaps. A great story of fame and fortune is waiting for him. Don’t stop expecting it to come soon.

2. Safe Hibernation. Here’s a story for your current reading enjoyment. Michigan coach John Beilein worked tirelessly to make sure his players stayed eligible this season, and they did it. Why do you think he’s not paying himself yet?

3. The Guardian reviews Dr. Frank Stams. The life of a health services ombudsman seems more heady than what seems to be going on with Little League’s officials (something I know about because I used to officiate in Little League), but it’s a fascinating read.

4. Here’s the latest update on Instagram’s story feature. Social media is growing like a weed and the services that are evolving around it are just getting started. There are obvious questions about the implications of all of this on media. As of Monday, it was still too early to offer a nuanced take. But here’s something I tweeted during the opening loss to Tottenham:

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