Driving for @RedBull_F1 is the dream job for this rising star: But isn’t he risking it with that big ego?

F1 driver Max Verstappen is being touted as a young, rising superstar on the sport’s backstretch, and he’s already been compared to Michael Schumacher. But he wants to be careful what he wishes for.

The Dutchman has been compared to Schumacher in the past, mostly by his father. But Verstappen wants the attention to stay where it belongs — on the track.

“I would prefer that I was more like Michael than not, but I’m not his son. I’m not just an ordinary guy,” he told The Guardian. “I don’t think people realize how special my dad is.”

Last year, his father Jos was sent home from the Hungarian Grand Prix when his son got into a clash with teammate Lewis Hamilton and later said he was “not sure why Max gave Lewis more space because he has a motor engine but Max has what we call a brain.”

Verstappen has quickly risen to fame in F1 with his raw talent and ability to drive the car in tight corners, and he’s one of the favorites to win next year’s championship.

But it appears Verstappen won’t mind if his career isn’t compared to Schumacher’s, especially after all the attention he gets.

“I don’t know why people compare me to him,” he said. “They aren’t the same.”

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