Australian Open promises unvaccinated players will be barred due to ‘Measles threat’

Still not certain if the Australians will still attend the Australian Open due to the heightened threat of a measles outbreak, organisers are wasting no time in reassuring sponsors that “all unvaccinated players” will be barred from attending the famous tournament. The statement released to The Guardian suggested that the dual-threat of measles and the continuing threat of the pneumococcal disease. The influenza-related pneumococcal vaccine is not, and has never been, mandatory, but promoters are keen to reassure the millions of fans expecting to flock down the coast during January that there are no special deals in place.

Officials have sought to mitigate the risk of any widespread outbreak by confirming that hundreds of volunteers have been vaccinated, and pointed to the fact that immunization against measles is just as strong in the Northern Territory as it is in Sydney. As Vox points out, playing with kids who have received two doses of measles vaccine may well prove more dangerous than playing with anyone who hasn’t. Still, despite their mild symptoms, measles can cause serious conditions and lead to the death of a number of young children under five.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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