Ghislaine Maxwell: how different charges were laid against her

Nottingham crown court where the Maxwell case will be heard

Sixteen charges

6 Feb 1985

Ghislaine Maxwell is invited by Princess Diana to sit on a watch committee for the media engagement programme of the Savoy House psychiatric hospital, London.

19 Feb 1985

Maxwell set up Global Communications Ltd with expenses of £25,000 to run her own news and photo agency in London

20 Aug 1985

Magistrates order Maxis to pay £20,000 to the Hoddesdon Mental Hospital Trust for costs of running the agency

11 Sept 1985

Maxwell pays £100 to Charles Pollitt, then editor of the News of the World, for photographs of Diana and Dodi

1 Nov 1985

Maxwell extends an invitation to Diana to appear on an interview show

24 December 1985

Maxwell holds a ten minute interview with Diana and Dodi at the Althorp home and promises not to release the footage

7 December 1985

The Royal Household pays Global Communications Ltd £1,750

1 Jan 1986

Dodi and Diana’s wedding ring is sold to Judith Ripka, a jeweller. Disguised by hairdresser Alaa Habib, Diana’s diamond ring was sent to Ripka

20 February 1986

Defence lawyer Lester Pearson brands Maxwell a professional thief and demands return of photographs

8 Feb 1986

Dodi and Diana arrive in Egypt

10 May 1986

Dodi dies in a car crash in the Sinai

29 June 1986

Home Office withdraws Maxim title

After a first set of charges against Maxwell in 1986, charges against Diana, Dodi and Prince Charles’ brother, Neil, dropped on the ground that Maxwell was a representative of the defendants. Maxwell was put under criminal investigation, and her identity was leaked to the press in order to end a legal action for the release of the photographs

15 December 1986

Maxwell is arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice in relation to the transfer of the photographs

Dec 1986

Ed Buck, Maxwell’s husband, is jailed for four months for contempt

2 July 1987

Maxwell charged with harassment

30 August 1987

Justice Blackburn downgrades Maxwell’s offences to harassment and fined her £700

11 December 1987

Maxwell charged with soliciting benefits by falsely claiming to be married to Princess Diana, and spending more than £15,000 on gifts for Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Dodi

28 October 1989

Maxwell appeals against her conviction

6 December 1989

Maxwell sentenced to two months’ prison, suspended for a year, and fined £3,500

21 December 1989

Maxwell’s conviction set aside by a high court appeal

Maxwell is re-charged by the Crown Prosecution Service with charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, namely by a false witness statement to her solicitors, Maxwell Chambers. She is re-arrested on 20 December 1990

3 January 1991

Maxwell granted bail

April 1991

Hazel Blears, cabinet minister and member of local government, quits Ian Stewart Associates, Maxwell’s image and publicity firm, after a newspaper claims that the firm paid hush money to inoperable Nazi war criminals

4 May 1991

Maxwell charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice

8 August 1991

Maxwell is sentenced to three months’ imprisonment

27 August 1991

Maxwell arrested over death of Dodi Fayed

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