Women’s World Cup golf back on track after shambolic event in Saudi Arabia


Anna Nordqvist in the Royal Greens Golf Club in Alutttan, Saudi Arabia.

Nordqvist, from Sweden, said that she was relieved that the event had gone well. “We were able to play so well,” she said, “and that makes me really happy. It was one of the best rounds of my career. I felt like I could have gone even lower. I’m very glad. It was definitely different — we got to play only with men for the first time in a long time and that was a lot of fun.”

Nordqvist, 29, spoke about what it meant to be the only female player in the field. “This is an incredible opportunity,” she said. “This is really a dream come true for me to be playing this kind of golf and now we have played it and we are moving on. Hopefully this is the end of the process and now we can go to other tour events. We are all excited about it and we are glad the competition was great.”

But while the experience was positive, she acknowledged that the circumstances surrounding the event were not. “The last two years I have played in this, I feel like things have shifted in many ways and I have not been able to come close to my potential because of this,” she said. “I have not had the equipment like I would have liked and I haven’t had the opportunity to play on tour.”

“This was a tour event that I really wanted to go out and enjoy and perform to the best of my ability. And for me that was the goal. I am happy with the finish and I am happy with the result, and hopefully that will continue.”

“I am looking forward to coming back and being a part of this, maybe, one day,” she added. “To have something like this would be a dream come true.”

It is just one of many projects that Nordqvist said she is working on. “I have been working for two years on a new kids’ line and I just released it in August and it is awesome. It is a non-toxic, vegan type of product and I am really looking forward to the feedback and getting some feedback. I am very hopeful this will be a successful line.”

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