Summer dress codes: Your key to flaunt your sartorial pep

Written by Taryn Guerrero, CNN

Only a few years ago, people were heading to work in thongs, slippers, flip-flops and no tops (though leather shorts would’ve been fine, were it not for the workplace dress code).

But wearables, particularly smart phones, have made the professional fit much more comfortable (no big jumpsuits required). And while there’s more slouching in the workplace, it’s not the same as it was.

But if you still need a bit of allure this summer, seasonal dress codes have given you an edge.

Below are six dress codes that will put some pep in your step and ensure that you do not have to bring your own fanny pack to work.

1. Corso Fashion Piedmont in Florence, Italy

This boutique hotel has a fun summer uniform, consisting of a pair of white slacks, monochrome sneakers and an open-necked T-shirt.

They wear it with suits and blazers, just like the rest of us — but they seem a bit more hipster than corporate.

2. Corona Camposinos Internacional Museum in Chile

This is the best summer dress code out there, possibly because no one really knows what it means, but it’s brilliant nonetheless.

The official summer uniform of the famed art museum of the same name looks like it’s from a 1980s summer party.

The smart casual look includes a loud T-shirt, a baseball cap, baggy pants, espadrilles and even a little camoflauge.

3. Ralph Lauren

Image Credit: Getty Images

The designer Ralph Lauren, who just stepped down as chief executive officer of Polo Ralph Lauren, has made summer work-appropriate despite being a striped shirt and business suit kind of guy.

One of his best looks involves a striped top, two red polo shirts and a pair of khakis. He keeps it really basic, with a button-down shirt, but keeps the charm intact.

4. Cartier

The luxury jewelry company is famous for its classic all-over green-and-gold color palette, which it attempts to jazz up by including fun and unique items such as a bright-yellow suit jacket.

Cartier’s spring/summer 2017 collection focuses on colorful leather jackets and high-waisted skirt suits, with matching floppy hats and hair bows.

5. Lapa Lador

Similar to Cartier, Lapa Lador looks bright and playful (and still suits the job).

Creative director Ilona Fairweather pulls double duty as both an art director and a chocolatier, because “chocolate cannot be boxed as much as photography,” Fairweather said.

Seasonal designs include white cotton monochrome trousers and vests worn with layers of colorful sweaters.

6. Lagoon Hotel in Majorca, Spain

The luxury beach resort known for its colorful resorts, sandy beaches and resort beach bars and restaurants — has not forgotten its sporting side.

For summer, the resort promotes its hiking program (starting at 7 a.m.) with fun amenities including slide boards, beach poles and bikes that kids can use to get around the resort’s 12-kilometer path.

So if the warm weather doesn’t get you, at least you’ll have fun while you’re at it.

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