Ghislaine Maxwell: Swedish boy who ‘broke the ice’ was just 13

Ghislaine Maxwell is a former model who resides in the south of France and has allegedly been under investigation in Sweden since May. According to the BBC, the Swedish government is looking into allegations that she had sex with a 13-year-old boy in a swap for his virginity and helped him obtain weapons. Maxwell denies the allegations.

“It’s a clear lie,” Maxwell told Swedish paper Aftonbladet in an interview earlier this week. “I know why they say that. They’re looking for a scapegoat for a terrible crime.”

“In reality they never sold my virginity, they made me this and that,” Maxwell added. “They’re well aware that none of this is true and that all this is a lie … They are ruining my life because they want to bring me down.”

Details about the night in question came to light on Wednesday in the UK press. Yury Khuzhedine, a middle-aged Russian married man who used to be a senior figure in the Russian security forces, told the Sun that Maxwell visited his holiday home with three other Russians in May 2015 and they proceeded to have sex with him. The following morning, Khuzhedine showed up at the home of his in-laws in Sweden and they discovered his underwear and photographs on his laptop. After he showed them a photograph of a trophy for Khuzhedine’s package of victuals from the night before, Maxwell contacted him and asked him to agree to a swap.

According to Khuzhedine, he arrived in a car and Maxwell told him: “It’s a real peck on the cheek.” They began doing the deed the following day, while Khuzhedine was naked and on the sofa. The next day Khuzhedine called Maxwell’s publicist to come pick her up, so that he could return to Sweden. He left with a policeman and discussed the arrangements with him over Skype, and then booked a flight out.

Maxwell and her mother, Baroness Amelie Maeloine, then allegedly flew to Stockholm a few days later, and the former model is said to have slept with Khuzhedine in a room at the airport.

Maxwell is expected to fly to Stockholm to face the Swedish authorities on Friday.

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