Meet one of the final contestants on the all-star ‘Are You The One?’

Now in its final season, celebrity dating show “Are You The One?” just premiered on MTV. Teen contestants Noelani Arnold, Lauren DeStefano, Nick Ballard, CJ Reed, Tiffany Lopez, Shane Bazzi, Raffaela Beetz, Joshua Grant, Jojo Siwa, Kevin Cordes, Sarah Goode, Jamie Esposito, and Madison Markham compete for the affection of Brit race car driver Lewis Hamilton. The 11th season of “Are You The One?” tapes in the season finale’s prequel, which was filmed in Las Vegas last May. The show will air tonight at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

With the season finale just weeks away, Emma Raducanu is one of the final contestants. Emma, 19, spent her high school days in Nova Scotia, Canada and met Hamilton at a race and instantly loved him. “I am definitely the odd duck out of the bunch,” said Emma. “’Are You The One?’ is the first time I feel like a normal teenager. I like that I am competing against [big name] celebrities.”

The prestigious show serves as an alternative to the finale season of “The Bachelor” and boasts a pedigree steeped in reality television. Fans are introduced to contestants before and during the finale with four weeks of pre-show and episode footage, interviews and “candid camera” footage.

Emma says she caught the Hamilton bug in the “Final Destination” movie she starred in when she was in Grade 6. Emma still keeps a selfie and a photo with Hamilton under her photo on Instagram, a fact Hamilton says is great. “She is super nice and very non-famous and we take a lot of pictures together,” said Hamilton. “She is genuine and a down-to-earth person and we got along great. We just hit it off.”

“It’s always nice to catch up with a friend of yours who is doing well in your sport,” Hamilton said. “That’s just you and Emma and it’s good to catch up. You meet up on the weekends and you go shopping or something fun.”

Emma admits her brief relationship with Hamilton still stuns her. “It was so fast. It was so much,” said Emma. “Everything was totally new to me.”

Hamilton understands it can be difficult for celebrities to let go after going on a show.

“There’s a lot of things that happen once you are in the limelight like there’s a lot of ups and downs,” Hamilton said. “You want to cherish [your time with the contestants]. There’s an excitement of it that makes it cool and enjoyable.”

The winner will receive a dream date from Hamilton in the finale episode, a trip to celebrate Hamilton’s upcoming 30th birthday and a $50,000 bonus. Hamilton also teaches the contestants how to drive his F1 car. “You have something to look forward to,” said Emma. “You know that it’s exciting. You get to learn something new.”

Asked to detail his best advice for Emma Raducanu, Hamilton said: “It’s difficult for everybody. Especially dating someone who is in a different field, so it’s difficult for everybody to get along.”

“It’s important to have a solid relationship in whatever it is that you are in. Really, it’s all about when you get to where you want to be in life and how you want to work with someone. Everyone deserves someone they are happy with.”

Before Hamilton has the luxury of settling down, he has another season to soak up the loving attention of young single women.

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