Egypt reports outbreak of scorpion attacks after heavy rain

Storm that hit Egypt sends swarms of scorpions into homes

Egypt has reported an outbreak of scorpion attacks after heavy rain that caused flooding and left swarms of the insects in homes.

In Alexandria and the southern town of al-Qanat, people were suffering from stings from venomous scorpions, which are normally found underground, the state news agency Mena said.

It said about 3,000 people had sought medical treatment in al-Qanat, which was on the Mediterranean coast, for severe itching, fever and swelling of the face and scalp.

Heavy rains were falling in northern areas on Thursday, likely causing water levels to rise. Flies of all kinds have also been reported, leading local media to report an outbreak of wild bee attacks.

The Egyptian meteorological service warned of rainfall of up to 100mm (4in) and wind speeds of up to 63kph (35mph).

Heavier rain, and possibly mudslides, were predicted on the Nile and the Tana river, which passes through the capital, Cairo.

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