Novak Djokovic set to miss Australian Open due to mandatory device wear

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Novak Djokovic’s father said his son could not play in the Australian Open, which starts in less than two weeks, due to a mandatory medical device wear requirement.

Speaking to the Italian football federation in Turin on Tuesday night, Marko Djokovic said that his son would not be fit enough to play due to the wear requirements and that he was “emotional” about the situation.

The Serb needed to be a full-time employee of the federation for the mandatory device sanctions to apply, which is enforced following a player’s sixth no contest or default for injury or illness, according to reports from Sky Sport Italia.

The Serb, who was speaking ahead of the Davis Cup final against Italy on Sunday, told the Italian press that he would not be able to “take time off” and that he would need “to prepare the game by himself” to play in Australia, according to ANSA.

“I need six weeks from now to get to the level that allows me to play the first round,” he said.

“The top players have to play at the Australian Open — there is no other choice.”

“He will be the one who will decide. If he says no, he’s saying no.”

In 2015, Novak Djokovic, who owns the no. 1 ranking in the world, was forced to withdraw from the US Open due to the same issue.

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