Couple travels the world and marries an even older woman while waiting for the other to marry

A British woman has been getting married for two decades thanks to her British husband. He just recently married a Pakistani woman and swapped vows with his other woman’s actual wife. While we’re not sure which of these wonderful stories is more romantic, we’re guessing there’s no chance any of these women will ever run out of presents. Yes, Virginia, there is a happy ending to any of this and yes, the story is entitled: “How I built a 20-year marriage by swapping … gifts.”

Obviously, there are countless examples of couples who find each other “really attractive” and switch spouses, but this story, told by Amy, the British woman, makes the switch look like a miraculous event — and then a miracle that went viral, and now has an unofficial motto: “No matter what happens, I’ll stick with you.”

Amy says she got hitched after working for around 20 years at a factory making clothes, which means she always took care of her parents and other family. Her husband, Robert, was working on the shop floor and he didn’t get much done during the day. Amy decided she was ready to move on.

“We decided not to rush into it because we’d not been together that long and knew each other inside out,” Amy said, according to Yahoo News. “We loved each other. But we’d never spend the rest of our lives together, we were still young. We both needed time to get to know each other properly.”

Amy and Robert had a blast. They spent Christmas together, and moved in together to start looking for a place to live. Within six months, Robert and Amy were married. They stayed married until their 30th wedding anniversary this year.

This made sense to her new Pakistani wife, Qasim.

“There were times that I was thinking of living in Pakistan but then I looked at my new life with my husband and he was so nice. I felt I didn’t want to abandon the only home I had ever known,” she said. “I wanted to be with a very British woman with no cultural pressure to bring up our children or give them English names. So when he told me I could have the love of my life over here, I started thinking ‘I’d better go for it.’”

Read the full story at Yahoo News.


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