What is Cyber Monday? A history of Cyber Monday sales

Military-grade cyberattacks are proliferating rapidly from Iran and the likes of North Korea, according to some cyber-security experts.

Cynthia Latta and Jay Weatherill of Bloomberg Intelligence report that cyber attacks by Iran, North Korea and Russia have been on the rise since 2013, in a destructive pattern never before observed before.

“One scenario includes espionage, collection and/or sharing of state-grade data. For example, Chinese hackers harvested the U.S. National Security Agency’s hacking tools during a January 2017 contract purge, an idea that was later discussed in the pages of Inside North Korea’s Cyber Army, Bloomberg reports.

“Another set of attacks occurs when governments seek to ‘troll’ their targets, or target them in order to generate unwelcome attention. Militaries have long employed such tactics: NATO called a 2014 exercise PRISM ‘The World’s Biggest Naval Intervention’ and said it played out, in part, as an attempt to ‘troll’ Russia’s Navy on NATO’s behalf.

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