Japan’s Covid-19 travel event reveals top tips for 2019

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Designers or creatives?

This year’s edition of the world’s leading travel showcase in Japan covers everything from the state of Japan’s fashion industry to wild animal cruelty to tourism.

The Covid-19 events , which showcase crafts and design from across the country, includes a journey from Tokyo to Mount Fuji in an open-top monorail, talks on animated films with animators Takashi Tsukasa and Akira Okada and “3D floats” at the Tokyo Aquarium from designers Dan Fridi & Guido Pascali.

A guide at the Goju London Canteen offers tips for an unforgettable Japanese tea time. Credit: YASUYOSHI CHIBA

Travelers to Asia’s most popular tourism destination are advised on everything from etiquette on the streets to the best places to eat and shop.

Osteosarcoma training tips and accommodations for sustainable travel are among the 19 topics on offer in 2018. Credit: Asahi Shimbun/Stringer

The event, organized by the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, runs from December 29 to January 1.

Organizers include the Japan National Tourism Organization, Goju London and Tokyo Sightseeing Corporation.

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