This ride of a lifetime: A 4-wheeled race is faster than the speed of light, and it’s all for women

Imagine a crew of all women on a worldwide speed caravan. Imagine that same crew achieving record speeds in a race across deserts, mountains, and snowlands in Northern Australia. Well, that’s what can be done through a group of women who are well on their way to breaking the record.

These women have even discovered that being on the same team can actually bring the entire team closer together.

For the last two years, Tatiana Calderon, a Spaniard, has lead the way for an all-female four-wheel drive team that have competed in an all-female race across the Australian Outback. Calderon even released a YouTube documentary detailing their time in Australia and the upcoming record attempt of a total of 196,000 miles across a 52,000 square-mile circle.

But ahead of the 2018 record attempt, they’re already looking ahead to 2019.

For now, they’re focusing on fine-tuning their trail bikes, preparing for more global distances, and continuing to gain more fans.

By all accounts, they’ve done a great job; the group is widely accepted throughout Australia and everyone from the media to fellow adventurers is intrigued to know how they’re doing it.

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